Geoffrey C Porter

We have done so much with so little for so long, we can now do anything with nothing.

Two new stories exist.

Juxta at 8
Juxta at 10

Juxta is a 12-year-old street urchin who begs for copper pieces.

Lynken is a rich kingdom, and the king is pissed, because no street urchins should live in his capital.

Enter Hebron, an ancient master willing to take on an apprentice.

Push comes to shove, Juxta is good at magic, but he also has dire problems with rage.  He must control the fury in his heart, or his darkest fear will be realized, using magic on his friends.

And you know, war.  It seems Lynken is almost always at war.

High adventure with epic fantasy scale.

United Kingdom
Luther Magi Cover

Luther Magi

Luther is eight-years-old and born into magic.  Both his parents eat, sleep, and breathe magic.  He makes a friend in Jason.  Jason is a typical boy of Lynken, and it’s the bow and blade for him.

Luther’s destiny is not the bow and blade.  It’s fire and brimstone, and magic strong enough to conquer armies.

A new threat rises against Lynken.  A kind of magic capable of controlling the strongest men.  Controlling Luther.  He is smitten and must obey.  Juxta has to find a way to counter the magic and free his son, or kill him, whichever.

Fantasy adventure as war rages in Lynken.

United Kingdom
Ash Ranger Cover

Ash, Ranger

Ash is a typical girl born in Lynken, except she wants to become a ranger, and it’s a boys’ club.  She wants to be treated as an equal and doesn’t want to farm the land until boredom finishes her off.

Ash will shed blood.  It’s her destiny.  She joins up just in time to fight a war.  Tercia has powerful enough necromancers to field an army of the dead.  Too many to count.  Magic only slows them down.

The undead army is burning everything in its path, and that happens to be Lynken.

United Kingdom

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You have found my author site, I have a couple of recipes, a few writing tips, but it’s mostly short stories and ads for books.

My writing is Minimalist. Quick action. Snappy dialog. Psychotic, loveable characters. Bloodshed. Light description. A dash of saving the world or revenge, as needed.