Short Stories


I call these battle poems or war poems, I hope to write more.

The Vanguard

This fantasy story is glorious and a must read if you’re on this site.

Bane Warrior

Everybody wants a book in this world with these characters. I don’t have one.

Turtles & Rabbits

Story about the craft of writing.

Goblin Soup

Horror piece I like that took me years to get the right revision so I’m happy with it.


A Halloween story.


Another horror piece, my buddy Brian is a photographer and always seems to have new pictures of squirrels.


I don’t know what this story is, maybe it’s funny.

Big Snow

In America, we freak out when they forecast snow.

Iotha of Lynken

This is a fantasy short story that goes in the Juxta, Magi world.

Codename: RedCat

This is a codename bear story, RedCat is a character in Bear.

Codename: Archangel

Another codename bear origins story.

Boris the Cat

Funny and cute.

The Slight Army

Spider Story.

For a Lizard

Funny and Cute. I hope I don’t get sued.

The Pixie

How I perceive dating.

The Bracelet

Dystopian future and diabetes.

Werewolf’s Tail


The Gypsy Camp

I hope nobody puts a curse on me for this one.


I also hope I don’t get sued.

Snakes & Gypsies

This may be the dumbest story ever. Please, no curses.

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