Escapism in Fiction

For me, it’s about leaving reality behind. I have problems in life, real-life problems, I want to escape to a world that is vacant of real-life problems.

I want to read about the world going to shit and a group of friends trying to twist fate into a brighter outcome. And I want the friends to be far from normal.

Rare Main Character

I want the main to be a one in a thousand anomaly, heck, in a million. I want readers to question where I got this character because they’ve never encountered a person like mine.

That is the pivot point for me, I want to write characters that the average person has never encountered. If I hear, nobody is like my character, I’m winning at my game.


Arguably there is a light mix of autistic traits in many of my characters. It can’t be helped. I don’t want to focus heavily on autism for fear of painting an unsavory picture, but deep down, yes.

Dwelling on a spectrum thing would be a mistake to me. Many shades of autism exist. What I believe I have is not like what others have, and I have not been diagnosed.


Why wouldn’t I write psychotic characters? It’s what I’m good at. Manic energy and rage and fury paint the strokes in my art. If I hear, this character is irrational, winning.


Is it impossible to combine psychosis with empathy? To me, no, maybe a one in a thousand human, one in a million. Nobody can convince me it’s an impossibility.

Soft Science Fiction

People claim science fiction has to be based on real science. Guess what, we don’t have warp drives. We don’t have hyperspace drives.

We haven’t even at the time of this writing sent a person to Mars. People are basing their definition of science fiction on theories, many of which will be proven to be false.

Physics Defying Magic

Who says it’s wrong that the more pissed off I become, the better at magic I become. Who says magic needs to be rational and restricted by rules.

For me no purpose exists for a strict set of magical physics laws. Geoff does Y, the outcome is Z, but John does Y, and the world flips.

Light World Building Feathered in on a Need-to-Know Basis

When I read, I want the world to be built as a few details here and there, painted with scenes, not an explanation. I want to see the world slowly evolve, not in giant blocks of text I want to skip.

Anti-Thesis of Escapism

Real people with real problems ~ it may be relatable, but most people have enough of these in their own life.

Sane / rational main character ~ what fun is this really? I want to read about a madman.

Real World Physics ~ boring.

Logical Rational Emotions ~ some of us don’t relate well to this, and we tend to have wilder emotions, or a very slow burning fuse where we’re not angry until hours or even a few days later. I want to read about characters like me.

Juxta, Magi

For Juxta the rage is the path. He fears his own power, and what will happen to his friends, if he loses control. The idea that carnage boosts magical ability is a curse when you can’t stop.

Cover of Juxta, Magi

Codename: Bear

Bear has a job to do, and he proves talented at it. Emotionally he’s not all there, but he cares about humanity and his teammates. Deep down he loves humanity, and hates bloodshed, but he likes to see blood spill.

Codename Bear I cover

Unholy Monster War

A wild ride. The Governess Chapters is first. Bullox the Cat is second, but Bullox the Cat has a suicide content warning. If you get the print book, it has both parts.

I believe if a reader picks up The Governess Chapters, they will be sucked into this world and enjoy the read.

Unholy Monster War

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