Over the years I’ve struggled with my muse. I wrote a thing about it. Zombie Muse

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Pure Love

I have been in love.  I know what it is about.  Rage and energy and ready to conquer new lands if it brings my lover joy.

Real Life

I had a career once, a girlfriend, a real life.  Then the undead rose from their graves.  No, a huge amount of madness ruined a lot of things.  Madness most are not capable of really understanding.  I do not understand it, and I have it.

Typical madness is acute depression, social anxiety, and not believing in yourself or your future.  Very ugly, I am thankful that is not my strain.

Manic Strain

I own the manic strain, a rarity.  I spin up and down on a yo-yo like so many, but the bottom of my yo-yo is still mania, just less mania versus the top.  Delusions of grandeur, paranoia.  Stuff most do not get.

Pure energy, but no will to use it.  Some say, just insomnia, but up all night, I get my second wind around dinner time.  Pumped up to go another night not sleeping.  Into infinity.


My career was building the back end / server side of websites with nuts and bolts.  For many years, as a hobbyist, I built browser-based wargames with nuts and bolts.  HTML, javascript, MySQL, PERL, PHP, CSS.

Nuts and bolts, I understand websites, but I do not build this site with nuts and bolts.  I use a WordPress back end.  If I need to do something, I poke it until it complies and search engines have the answers.  During my career, I studied with some design giants and a little rubbed off on me.

Low Carb Diet

Fat adapted now (Summer 2023), kind of KETO, but I do more protein.  Fat adaption comes from eating a low carb diet, heavy with fat.  Your body on a cellular level is burning fat instead of glucose.

Effects the mind.

The effect on my mind is my focus is totally shot.  I am good for 5-10 minutes of a short, controlled burst.  Then squirrel.  The hyperfocus I get for those 5-10 minutes would make me a billionaire if I could bottle it and sell it.  Then Squirrel.

Bottled Mania

Speaking of bottling things, I have this fountain of pure mania.  I own the tap, and enough flows to bottle it.  Every story tries to fill a new bottle.  Whether anybody can stomach it or want it, time will tell.

I enjoy the process of writing and revision.  So even if nobody ever wants my Bottled Mania.  I find joy in it.

I do poetry now too, possibly a side effect of being fat adapted.  I do not know, but my main goal with the poetry is also to Bottle Mania.  Success or not, who knows.  Or do something funny, because a good laugh is a kind of manic energy.

Spreading Joy

I want to spread joy to the world, but honestly and truthfully, I would like to reach a large enough audience I can build a better future for myself.  To say I am not doing it for money would be a lie.  First, Bottle Mania, second, Spread Joy, third, make enough money that I can secure a potentially better future.

At the same time, I believe the world is Burning.  We are on the brink of societal collapse, alien invasion, climate change, Zombie Apocalypse, rise of global communism, and nuclear war.


I am white, CIS, and male, how I was born.  I have a bit of freak in me, which is discussed in other bio.  Almost everybody has some freak in them.  The freak is strong in this one.

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