My Genres

Action / Adventure

Fictional War

Law Enforcement

Military Horror

Blood of Lynken (Juxta) is Fictional War + Epic Fantasy

Codename: BEAR is Law Enforcement + Science Fiction AUDIO

Unholy Monster War is Military Horror + Magic

Everything is Action / Adventure. A little humor / comedy.

Fortune, Glory, Honor, and Conquest with side dishes of Rage and Fury.

Male fantasies.  Positive or negative, I don’t know. Accurate assessment.  Perhaps a forgotten art.

I try to build a racecar engine into my writing.  I am human and maybe a couple slow spots per book.

Cast the dice, start on the sample, see where it leads.  You may be surprised how readable my books are.

I will be the first male to stand up and declare I don’t like reading.  But it’s not me, the industry produces a standardized product, and I don’t like the standard.

Purple Artichoke Seedings

These little plants are Purple Artichoke seedings, I hope to dominate the Purple Artichoke markets.

Not kids’ books.  Teenagers, parent(s) read first.  In 2024, teenagers seen stuff more graphic than my books.

I am my first reader.  I read them more than anybody.  I have to love my own books.

My art.  I created this, not a committee.  People mostly fixed typos.  A few cheered me on.

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My print books use 12 Point Times New Roman

Copyright 2024, Geoffrey C Porter, do not use it to train Artificial Intelligence, you do not have that right, or to copy this text into any other system.

History Lesson

Before Jesus walked the Earth, a young boy helped in the fields, me.  Too many thistles popped up.  Every year more.  A nightmare in patches.  Impossible to kill.  Always coming back.  Flowers so pretty.  I started eating the flowers.  Elders noticed I didn’t die.

So one great elder spoke up.  “We eat the flowers.”

I ate them the first.  Generations followed.  We grew the biggest and tastiest thistle weed flowers.  They named them Artichokes, my name.