Bottled Mania

My psyche owns a nearly unlimited fountain of Mania.  Truthfully, driven me mad more times than I care to count.  Modern medicine installed a workable tap so I can fill bottles.  When I first started writing, I chased sparks and sparks led to more sparks.  Pretty soon I had books.

Harnessing Mania is New

The concept of Bottling Mania is a new epiphany to me.  For me to be happy, the books and stories need to make sense.  They must or readers will drop out of my game, and then I am no longer spreading joy.

The deeper my Madness becomes, the more I realize Mania is the war I am fighting, and always have.  And the notion I must shape it and use it.  The concept hits me in the gut that other people are not getting this Madness driven Mania. 

I always tried too hard to write sane stories.  The pivot on everything I wrote proves revision shines paramount.

Focused on Mania

I focused more on developing Mania in my writing.  This does not make me unique as a writer, but puts me in a small crowd.  A line I cross that many other writers cannot see.  A line I live with every day.  Time to harness that energy and take things to the next level.

Mania has always been buried deep in my stories.  I have only done a little revision to make it stronger.  Mania at the core, and will be the core, because I am the source.

Create a Horde

Even if I am Bottling Mania, it does not mean readers are devouring it.  Marketing is what can create a Legion.  I dabbled in marketing.  Hard part is learning how to do the Elbow Grease, so paid advertising hits hard.

If I cannot spend one dollar on paid ads to earn two dollars, or ten or a hundred earned, why spend the dollar?  Or I drop a thousand into ads every six months, and things spawn like a thousand flower seeds planted in perfect soil and climate.

Revision Must End

I must not do revision forever, but I might poke around in the books again.  I get urges.  Even going in for an hour with a feather’s touch is an advantage, and I consider it Elbow Grease marketing. 

Real life says I should be doing voice acting and creating audio books.  Pros will produce an e-book, print, and audio book.

After I make an audio book, this is the end, I cannot realistically revise and re-record.

Unholy Monster War

Highest Grade Bottled Mania I have produced.  Bullox the Cat has a Content Warning for Suicide.  The Governess Chapters contain some homosexual stuff in it.  

If these are problems, move on.  The Muse gave me this.  What other defense could I make?

The Unholy Monster War print edition has everything.

My Muse went so dark on this one.  This is the Abyss.  This is the wildest shit ever.  If I have ever Bottled Mania, this is it.

Winter’s Line

My second favorite book.  End game, it radiates joy into me when I touch it.  A good mix of action adventure, revenge, and madness.

Codename: Bear, Secret Agent

If you are not reading secret agent stories, what are you even reading?  Kind of a mix of secret agent, law enforcement, and comedy.  Maybe there is not enough Mania in it, maybe too real.  Be the judge. 

Juxta, Magi (Blood of Lynken)

Epic fantasy about friendship, unkillable bad guys, and tapping into gods for strength.  I consider this my Flagship book, and to date, almost all of my marketing has been focused on this book.

Maybe not minimalist enough.  I feel I cannot improve it with elbow grease.  I could sneak in and feather in more Mania.  As they say, what is there is there.

Copyright Geoffrey C Porter
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