Codename Universe

My writing is Minimalist. Quick action. Snappy dialog. Psychotic, loveable characters. Bloodshed. Light description. A dash of saving the world or revenge, as needed.

Codename Bear I cover

Joshua has a life.  He’s attending college.  He’s in love.  A secret crime fighting agency brings him into their fold and gives him a new name, Bear.

A world opens up with aliens, and drugs that can control the minds of the strongest men.  They want Bear to find the leader of the biggest crime syndicate on Earth, Centurian.  They make him point on missions, and it makes him feel like he’s doing the right thing.

Earth will be subjugated by interstellar law if things descend into more anarchy.  We’ve always had some anarchy, but Centurian is trying to push us over the edge so the aliens can legally take our sovereignty.

Earth is a backwater planet and doesn’t even get a voice on the Council of Worlds.

In a perfect world, Bear is a secret agent, but reality is he needs to be bulletproof.

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Codename Bear II cover

Codename: Bear II

The agency brings Bear out of retirement.  Partly he’s one of the best, but more so because Centurian hackers got into the retirement records and everybody has been compromised.

His first priority is bringing home the secret agents that are in danger.  The team is job one, always has been, always will be.

Things on Earth are still progressing deeper and deeper into anarchy.  Nothing the Agency seems to do matters.  Bear must find a way.  He must find Centurian and make an example.

A permanent solution to the Council of Worlds would be a game changer.

A kind of non-stop action you have to read to appreciate.

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Codename Bear III cover

Codename Bear III

Bear has a happy life, experimenting on plants and learning botany.  Apparently, the Agency is truly incapable of hiding any information from anyone, and Bear is no longer safe in retirement.

The team is older.  People have moved on.  Bear is assigned to lead a team of young recruits.  Society is in shambles.  Aliens walk in plain sight.  The rich are super rich, while the poor basically have nothing.

The end game is rebels are organizing.  The only thing they want is a fair shake.  Actual rights.  Bear agrees with them on many levels.  He feels for them, but he is a government agent in every way and not a rebel.

Or is he?

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