Vampire Slayer Glory

Vampire Slayer Glory

Bullets Will Work

Sydney is a typical teenager until he kills a boy by accident in a fistfight.  Juvenile hall can warp the mind, but maybe Sydney started out warped.

He gets into college, works hard, falls in love with the perfect woman.  Vampires kill her.

He picks up arms, goes on a journey of revenge, and quickly learns he’s gotten into a war.  Besides fighting a war, what did he have left?  Others are willing to fight, too.

Vampires are a worldwide scourge.  Sydney holds the keys to ending it all and securing peace for humanity.

Horror comedy with a faster pace than any book I’ve found.

United Kingdom
Zombie Flick Cover

Zombie Flick

Porter Wright is a family man.  Everything is going right for him.  Career, loving wife, kids who mostly sleep through the night.

Zombies or vampires or hybrids or whatever kill his family.  They’re dumb undead monsters, mostly.  Bullets will take them down, and Porter happens to have a few bullets.

Zombies are everywhere.  Organized undead slaying was never on his agenda.  Not only is the prospect of becoming a member of the mealy mouthed horde as unappetizing as human flesh, but with a world in chaos, he must take up arms to fend off the tides.

Get ready to dive into this action packed, knee slapper of a zombie story. The content of this book may be inappropriate for people who are allergic to brains and might cause spontaneous combustion. You have been warned.

United Kingdom

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